Friday, December 4, 2009

Fate and Junk

So last month I had an interview to teach a Fall class to little kids on how to draw anime. It was a good interview, but I didn't get the job. However I was offered a class teaching a storybook illustration class in the spring. Even though I got offered the other class, I was pretty bummed.

A few weeks later, the very week the Fall class was supposed to start, I got an email from Mongoose publishing about doing some interior illustrations for an upcoming RPG expansion book.
I spent three solid weeks illustrating for that. They liked my material so much that they offered me the cover illustration for their next book after. So I guess things worked out, because I would have never had the time to do those illustrations otherwise.

I can't post anything from those projects yet since they are as of yet, unpublished. Since this is a sketch blog, here are some random anime concept sketches I did back when I was getting back into the anime mood.